Tourism is a key sector of the European economy and contributes to employment and regional development and an enhanced natural and cultural heritage. Rural areas in Europe are facing big challenges concerning the demographic changes and the emigration of people. Most of these areas have an important cultural history, famous landscapes and also an unique food- and agricultural tradition.

The NewTrailJob is dealing with so called cult-, food- or greentrails. Through these trails the cultural identity, the nature or traditional kitchen can be protected. They are offering a huge opportunity for rural entrepreneurs and new jobs.

The NewTrailJob partnership will now exchange their experiences and also explore the demands for vocational education and training and also of informal and non formal learning methods for segregated people like young skilled and not skilled unemployed, women and also old employees.

The NewTrailJob partnership will firstly make a best-practice analysis, will share these experiences and explore the concrete level of existing resources and demands of training in their trail-regions with interviews and questionnaires. They will develop workshops and seminars to attract inactive people to be more open for vocational training. At least the consortium will define concrete framework conditions for the vocational training and demands for curricula, methods and instruments. The partners are coming from Lithuania, Hungary, Cyprus, Spain, Germany, UK and Italy. They are vocational training companies, employer organisation, municipalities, cultural associations and local umbrellas.

NewTrailJobs increases vocational training, economical development and employment in rural areas and offers new answers for the demographic changes and economic crisis in Europe.